Shipping and Returns

We ship all orders with as minimal packaging as possible. All orders are shipped from our Warehouse in South Africa. Payment only after receiving the goods. Please allow a processing time of 1-2 business days.


The SELLER is obliged to return the total amount and the documents that put the BUYER under debt within 10 days from the receipt of the withdrawal notice to the BUYER and to return the goods within 20 days.

If there is a decrease in the value of the goods or the return becomes impossible due to a reason arising from the BUYER’s fault, the BUYER is liable to compensate the damages of the SELLER at the rate of his fault. However, the BUYER is not responsible for the changes and deteriorations that occur due to the proper use of the product or product within the period of withdrawal.

If the campaign limit amount set by the SELLER is reduced due to the use of the right of withdrawal, the discount amount used within the scope of the campaign is canceled.